Hatclin A

Clindamycin 1% & Adapalene 0.1%

For synchronized Performance

* Conversion of clindamycin phosphate to Clindamycin
in skin layers makes therapy more effective

* Topical retinoids (Adapalene) enhances efficacy of
Clindamycin by improving antibiotic penetration.

* Greater Reaction in inflammatory and non inflammatory lesions.





Hatclin is an effective and advanced acne solution. Hatclin is a mixture of Clindamycin and Adapalene for synchronized performance. Adapalene helps clindamycin to work more effectively. Hatclin is the perfect therapy for reducing acne and pockmarks. Clindamycin in skin layers works more effectively. Adapalene increases the efficacy of clindamycin by improving antibiotic penetration. Hatclin helps in a greater reduction in inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions. It is prescribed by many skin therapists. It is more effective than monotherapy. This gel builds a protective layer on your skin. If you are looking for the gel to reduce your acne, you should buy hatchlings.